One sensor for hand brake applications, Smart Hook R-152

Direct hand brake chain force measuring deviceUnique sensor in the world for measuring Hand Brake Chain Force without removing or dismantle any parts from locomotive or car Hand Brake Chain System.


* Does not require any parts removal
* Load range: 10,000 lb or 4,500 daN
* Accuracy: ± 50 lb or ± 25 daN
* Smallest readout: 5 lb or 5 daN
* Two-AA battery operated: minimum 450 hours
* Hook clearance: 21/32 inch / 0.656 inch / 16.7 mm
* Safe overload: 13,000 lb or 6,000 daN
* Temp range: 5 to 120°F or -15 to 50°C
* Sensor protection class: IP66
* Reader protection class: IP54

* Industrial microprocessor controlled display

* Professional connection cable, with metallic mashed shield coated with Teflon

* Cable proofed for use in oil industry and other harsh environment, like railways

* Sensor equipped with double stress release cable connection

* Sensor equipped with stainless riveted protective cover

* Case size: 6x12x14 inch or 15x31x35 cm
* Shipping weight: 7 lb or 3.5 kg


* Sensor wired to 64 inch cable and conector
* Hand Held Indicator with conector
* Unbreakable, water tight, dustproof, pressure controlled carrying case lockable by padlock
* User's manual
* Traceable certificate of calibration