The Smart Shoe Technology, to measure the True Brake Shoe Force

The Smart Shoe™ sensor features 3 levels of brake shoe and wheel tread positioning: 

1. Side bars

2. Resilient wing

3. Pyramidal rods
to dramatically enhance the robustness
and the unique capacity to accuratly measure the True Radial Brake Shoe Force

The Smart Shoe applications:

1. Brake commissioning / qualification/compliance test for new rolling stock (AAR S-401, AAR RP-509, UIC-544-1)
2. Troubleshooting brakes
3. Brakes root cause analysis
4. Auditing current maintenance interventions and overhauls of brakes
5. Quality Assurance of incomming brake parts
6. Verifyng the brakes on new purchased equipment
7. Verifyng equipment brake modifications, upgrades and conversions
8. Testing in place the Tread Brake Units (TBU) capacity of braking
9. Develop and implement cost-effective condition-based maintenance procedures for brakes

About Smart Shoe

  • 1. AAR fully approved
  • 2. Interfleet (United Kingdom) approved supplier
  • 3. Simple system providing accurate and repeatable Brake Shoe Force results for railroad vehicles
  • 4. Increased accuracy: this sensor nullifies the brake shoe head unwanted torque for highly accurate test
  • 5. Operating flexibility: allows the test without removing the actual brake shoe or pad
  • 6. The wheel sensor applications for nominal load 20,000 Lbs or 9,000 daN
  • 7. The sensor for disc applications for nominal load 10,000 Lbs or 4,500 daN
  • 8. The sensor for locomotive applications for nominal load 50,000 Lbs or 23,000 daN
  • No design measures better !